1 06, 2023

54. Dormitory for Presbyterian College of the Southwest


Del Norte Historical Tour #54. Dormitory for Presbyterian College of the Southwest CHERRY AND SIXTH This building was constructed in 1884 and financed by a Mrs. Stuart from Kansas City.  It was used as the dormitory [...]

54. Dormitory for Presbyterian College of the Southwest2023-06-01T15:39:54-06:00
1 06, 2023

53. Rio Grande County Courthouse


Del Norte Historical Tour #53. Rio Grande County Courthouse CHERRY AND SIXTH This is the site of the original courthouse that was constructed in 1884.  A building on Pine Street was used as both courthouse and [...]

53. Rio Grande County Courthouse2023-06-01T15:35:32-06:00
1 06, 2023

52. The Wiley House


Del Norte Historical Tour #52. The Wiley House 755 CHERRY STREET This home had simple beginnings as a large, four-walled cabin built by Edwin Shaw in 1897.  Judge Jesse C. Wiley then purchased the home and [...]

52. The Wiley House2023-06-01T15:28:02-06:00
1 06, 2023

51. Lillie Willis Biles Home


Del Norte Historical Tour #51. Lillie Willis Biles Home OAK STREET The small two-story house just south of the Old High School building belonged to Lillie Biles.  After the death of her second husband, she rented rooms to five [...]

51. Lillie Willis Biles Home2023-06-01T15:25:28-06:00
1 06, 2023

50. The Del Norte School Complex


Del Norte Historical Tour #50. The Del Norte School Complex 885 OAK STREET The building on the west side of the street is the high school that was built in 1919 after the vote to consolidate [...]

50. The Del Norte School Complex2023-06-01T15:21:50-06:00
1 06, 2023

49. W. H. Cochran Home


Del Norte Historical Tour #49. W. H. Cochran Home 860 SPRUCE STREET This house was built by William Hugh Cochran in 1879.  Cochran came to Colorado in 1872, settling first in Colorado Springs.  By 1875 he [...]

49. W. H. Cochran Home2023-06-01T15:43:05-06:00
1 06, 2023

48. Richards House


Del Norte Historical Tour #48. Richards House 865 SPRUCE STREET This house was originally a log cabin, and was built by H. E. Richards in 1872.  Among those who have lived here are John Shaffer the [...]

48. Richards House2023-06-01T15:10:49-06:00
1 06, 2023

47. Adair Wilson House


Del Norte Historical Tour #47. Adair Wilson House 805 SPRUCE STREET Judge Adair Wilson built this beautiful house in 1879.  Rev. White of the Presbyterian Church later remodeled it.  At one time it was said to [...]

47. Adair Wilson House2023-06-01T15:08:35-06:00
1 06, 2023

46. Galbreath Home


Del Norte Historical Tour #46. Galbreath Home 785 SPRUCE STREET  This home was built by Charles Galbreath of the Galbreath Tie and Timber, who, with his brothers, had businesses in South Fork and Del Norte, and had Torres Switch [...]

46. Galbreath Home2023-06-01T15:06:42-06:00
1 06, 2023

45. The Breen House


Del Norte Historical Tour #45. The Breen House 625 SPRUCE STREET This adobe house was built in 1877.  A. G. Newgent, who purchased many of the developing Del Norte Corporation deeds, originally purchased the lots.  By August 19, [...]

45. The Breen House2023-06-01T15:04:48-06:00
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