1 06, 2023

44. Presbyterian Church


Del Norte Historical Tour #44. Presbyterian Church 630 SPRUCE STREET A warranty deed dated December 6, 1881 shows that John Ewing Jr. sold the south 25 feet of lot No. 2 in block 40 on Spruce Street to [...]

44. Presbyterian Church2023-06-01T15:00:08-06:00
1 06, 2023

43. The John Ewing Home and Carriage House


Del Norte Historical Tour #43. The John Ewing Home and Carriage House 705 - 725 SIXTH STREET John Gredig was the first owner of the property, and sold lot 1, block 40 to Valentine Bloos in [...]

43. The John Ewing Home and Carriage House2023-06-01T14:51:12-06:00
1 06, 2023

42. Masonic Temple


Del Norte Historical Tour #42. Masonic Temple SPRUCE AND SIXTH STREET After several years of discussion and planning, it was agreed to build a new temple.  The cornerstone was laid on November 17, 1927.  The Lodge [...]

42. Masonic Temple2023-06-01T14:44:12-06:00
1 06, 2023

41. The Julius and Tillye Weiss Home


Del Norte Historical Tour #41. The Julius and Tillye Weiss Home 690 COLUMBIA STREET This home was built around 1907 by Julius and Tillye Weiss. Julius was born March 24, 1869 near Colorado Springs, Colorado to [...]

41. The Julius and Tillye Weiss Home2023-06-01T14:42:27-06:00
1 06, 2023

40. Epiphany Episcopal Church


Del Norte Historical Tour #40. Epiphany Episcopal Church SEVENTH STREET The church was originally established in Del Norte in 1876, with the first church services being held in the building that was the first courthouse/town hall [...]

40. Epiphany Episcopal Church2023-06-01T14:39:08-06:00
1 06, 2023

39. Adam Weiss Home


Del Norte Historical Tour #39. Adam Weiss Home 790 COLUMBIA STREET This large, three-story house was home to Adam J. and Nina Weiss.  It was first a log cabin.  In 1911 the home was remodeled for [...]

39. Adam Weiss Home2023-06-01T14:36:50-06:00
1 06, 2023

38. Van Gieson House


Del Norte Historical Tour #38. Van Gieson House 575 EIGHTH STREET This home has been extensively remodeled from the original, but the identifying bay windows are still intact.  According to notes by Edna Robertson Shaffer, provided [...]

38. Van Gieson House2023-06-01T14:34:16-06:00
1 06, 2023

37. Asa Middaugh House


Del Norte Historical Tour #37. Asa Middaugh House 510 EIGHTH STREET This house was thought to be built by Asa Middaugh in the 1876 period of time.  This is taken from records done by Ruth Marie [...]

37. Asa Middaugh House2023-06-01T14:31:57-06:00
1 06, 2023

36. J. Cary French Home


Del Norte Historical Tour #36. J. Cary French Home 770 PINE STREET This home was built in 1874 by J. Cary French, who was one of the twenty-two members of the Del Norte Corporation, and who [...]

36. J. Cary French Home2023-06-01T14:27:53-06:00
1 06, 2023

35. Methodist Church


Del Norte Historical Tour #35. Methodist Church 520 7TH STREET, ON THE CORNER OF PINE STREET In 1873, Rev. John Rickards and Rev. B. F. Creary, circuit ministers, came to Del Norte and started a congregation at the [...]

35. Methodist Church2023-06-01T14:25:07-06:00


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