1 06, 2023

34. Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church


Del Norte Historical Tour #34. Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church 645 PINE STREET Records show that from the beginning development of the various Plazas of the “Primeros Pobladores” in the area, traveling priests provided masses [...]

34. Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church2023-06-01T15:42:39-06:00
1 06, 2023

33. Haefeli Honey


Del Norte Historical Tour #33. Haefeli Honey 425 GRAND AVENUE Laura Haefeli gave information about the building that indicates it may have been built in the 1880s.  The 1895 Sanborn fire map does show a structure at this [...]

33. Haefeli Honey2023-06-01T14:13:44-06:00
1 06, 2023

32. The Washington House


Del Norte Historical Tour #32. The Washington House 525 to 535 GRAND AVENUE Elizabeth Weldy owned and ran the Washington House in the 1870-1880s period of time.  Mrs. Weldy was considered a good businesswoman, but was also one [...]

32. The Washington House2023-06-01T14:08:47-06:00
1 06, 2023

31. The Shaw Block


Del Norte Historical Tour #31. The Shaw Block NEXT TO 595 GRAND AVENUE This now empty parking lot was once home to the Shaw Block, built at the time of the start of Del Norte in [...]

31. The Shaw Block2023-06-01T14:04:22-06:00
1 06, 2023

30. The Lobby / Rio Grande County Bank


Del Norte Historical Tour #30. The Lobby / Rio Grande County Bank 520 GRAND AVENUE The saloon, the “Lobby”, was located on this corner until Prohibition closed it in 1916.  Asa Middaugh had continued the Bank of Del [...]

30. The Lobby / Rio Grande County Bank2023-06-01T13:57:12-06:00
1 06, 2023

29. Chestnut, Newman and Stephens Drug Store


Del Norte Historical Tour #29. Chestnut, Newman and Stephens Drug Store 520 GRAND AVENUE Matthew Chestnut and Charles Newman started a drug store in 1875.  Newman became the postmaster, and the Post Office may have been located [...]

29. Chestnut, Newman and Stephens Drug Store2023-06-01T13:48:30-06:00
1 06, 2023

28. Richardson Bakery


Del Norte Historical Tour #28. Richardson Bakery 536 GRAND AVENUE Warren Richardson owned and operated the bakery as “Richardson’s Cracker Factory”, where he was known for his crackers and other baked goods.  A. A. Foster and [...]

28. Richardson Bakery2023-06-01T15:43:59-06:00
1 06, 2023

27. Ceeley Furniture Store


Del Norte Historical Tour #27. Ceeley Furniture Store 540 GRAND AVENUE From the beginning of the building of Del Norte, this location had wooden frame buildings that housed grocery stores and produce markets for locally grown [...]

27. Ceeley Furniture Store2023-06-01T15:44:22-06:00
1 06, 2023

26. Weiss Building


Del Norte Historical Tour #26. Weiss Building 560 GRAND AVENUE This was the original location for the Loui Weiss Block built in 1875.  By 1913, the current building was built by Adam and August Weiss, and [...]

26. Weiss Building2023-06-01T15:44:46-06:00
1 06, 2023

25. Masonic Temple Block


Del Norte Historical Tour #25. Masonic Temple Block 578-582 GRAND AVENUE By 1890, the present complex was built for the Masonic Temple and the First National Bank of Del Norte.  The Temple was used for various [...]

25. Masonic Temple Block2023-06-01T15:45:04-06:00


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