Del Norte Historical Tour

#32. The Washington House

525 to 535 GRAND AVENUE

Elizabeth Weldy owned and ran the Washington House in the 1870-1880s period of time.  Mrs. Weldy was considered a good businesswoman, but was also one of the more colorful women of Del Norte.  A bakery and paint store were also located here.  Kreps’ Grocery store operated here around 1910 to 1930s.  David Mickey’s Funeral Parlor was here until 1941.  Alva B. Hibbs purchased it in 1955 for storage.  Carole and Ron Powell ran a liquor store and laundromat here.  They sold to Scott and Lori Abrams, who then sold it and it became Wild West Wine and Spirits at which time it was remodeled.  It has sold again.