Del Norte Historical Tour

#33. Haefeli Honey


Laura Haefeli gave information about the building that indicates it may have been built in the 1880s.  The 1895 Sanborn fire map does show a structure at this location, which was vacant at that time.  Ms. Haefeli indicates that local stories have that the building has been many different businesses, with one of the most colorful being a brothel.  James Richards had his pottery and gift shop business here before Haefeli’s purchased the building.

The Haefeli family can trace their history in honey to Edward Haefeli who came from Switzerland in 1903 from a bee keeping family.  He was able to build the business that is now still run by descendants.

The Haefeli Honey is a well known name in the “honey” world with their delicious Mountain Bloom Honey.

Turn left on Pine Street.