Del Norte Historical Tour

#34. Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church


Records show that from the beginning development of the various Plazas of the “Primeros Pobladores” in the area, traveling priests provided masses on a limited basis, holding the services in the homes of the parish members.  One of the homes that was used for this purpose was Nerio Montoya’s home, and the “priest’s room” was known through several other owners.  For other services, the trip to Conejos had to be made.

In 1888 the church headquarters at El Carnero were transferred to Del Norte, and in 1889 the parish of Del Norte was given to the Jesuit Fathers of Conejos for supervision.  A log house on North Spruce Street was purchased and became the site of the church with the name of St. Mary’s Church.

In 1898, the cornerstone of the present church was blessed and the construction was begun.  On November 13, 1899, a ceremony with Pontifical Mass was conducted; the parish had 3,300 members.

The present rectory was added later, and is in the Spanish Revival style.  Spanish Revival was developed in 1915 and was continued through 1931 as a building style.  It was based on Spanish Colonial architecture.  The new rectory replaced an older one.