Del Norte Historical Tour

#36. J. Cary French Home


This home was built in 1874 by J. Cary French, who was one of the twenty-two members of the Del Norte Corporation, and who was elected as the first mayor of Del Norte.  It is interesting to note that his wife, Emily, also ran for mayor of Del Norte years later, after Colorado had given women the right to vote.  However, Emily was not elected.

French was part of the discovery of the Summit district mining, and also dealt in real estate.  He had an office in the downtown district of Columbia Avenue.  This building is no longer standing.  Many newspaper articles stated that his profession was an area promoter.

He was a Civil War Veteran.  In the few years before his death, he and his wife ran the Shaw Springs Resort.

The French’s daughter, Salome French Wilson, also owned this home Salome was married to William Wilson who ran a blacksmith shop and had the hardware store at what is now 660 Grand Avenue.

Clara Vickers and Lupe Dominguez were also owners of this house.

It is noted to be typical architecture of the 1870s.  The home beside it is also an original, but research needs to be done on it.  It also is 1870s style of architecture.  There are several homes on Pine Street on this block that may be part of the historic district from the beginning of Del Norte.

Turn left on 8th Street.