Del Norte Historical Tour

#39. Adam Weiss Home


This large, three-story house was home to Adam J. and Nina Weiss.  It was first a log cabin.  In 1911 the home was remodeled for Adam J. Weiss.

Adam H. Weiss was a son of Henry Weiss who also was a pioneer businessman in Del Norte.  Dr. Loui Weiss built the Weiss Block where the Golden Fleece now stands, and also purchased the Shaw Block across the street in what is now a parking lot.  Julius and August Weiss were also part of the business development of Del Norte.

Credit has been given to the men who developed Del Norte and built these homes, but here, the lady of the house is as well known as the men.  Nina McCarthy Weiss is as much a pioneer as her husband and his family.

The McCarthy family left Missouri and came by train to Del Norte.  She entered school here, and at the age of 16 was a member of the first graduating class from the Del Norte High School.  She took all the examinations to become a schoolteacher and was given a rural school in the South Fork area for a salary of $40 a month.

She attended summer sessions at the University of Denver, and institutes in various towns in the San Luis Valley.  In 1918 she was granted an honorary Master’s Degree from the University of Denver.

Nina was married to Adam Weiss on June 18th, 1902.  They traveled extensively.  With no children of their own, they made a home for three McCarthy children after the death of their parents, Nina’s brother and his wife.

She was active in club work, favored women’s suffrage, served on the school board for Del Norte Schools, was County Superintendent of Schools, and postmaster in the Del Norte Post Office.  She taught classes in the Methodist Church and sang in the choir.  She served as Vice Chairman of the Rio Grande County Central Committee for the Democrats.  She was active in PEO, Federated Women’s Clubs, and Eastern Star.  This is only part of what she accomplished in her life in Del Norte.  Her home hosted one of the largest private libraries in the San Luis Valley.