Del Norte Historical Tour

#50. The Del Norte School Complex


The building on the west side of the street is the high school that was built in 1919 after the vote to consolidate the rural school districts and the town district.  This building is currently unused.  The next buildings constructed were a junior high and an agricultural hall, with their locations where the present day middle school is located.  The gym at this site was built in the 1950s.  The stone building overlooking this location is the Underwood building, built in 1940 using native stone from the Hathaway quarry east of Del Norte.  The architect on this project was Walter Simon, who also was the architect for the courthouse.  The Mesa Elementary is behind the Underwood building and was built in the 1950s.  The old elementary school was close to this location.

The original school building, built in 1877 was just southwest of the new school complex.