Del Norte Historical Tour

#6. The Percy Hobkirk House and Jessop Grocery Store


Hamilton Percy Hobkirk was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada on June 25, 1858.  He immigrated to the United States in 1878.  He is living in Denver in the 1885 Colorado census and was recently married.  He and his wife, Mary, were running a rooming house.  One of the boarders was Peter Barclay who also moved to Del Norte.

Hobkirk was elected to the office of Sheriff in 1893 and re-elected in 1895. In the 1900 census, he was listed as a farmer.  In 1901 Hobkirk assumed the duties of receiver of the U. S. Land Office in Del Norte.  He contracted small pox and the complications of that disease caused him to leave that position.

Hamilton Percy Hobkirk died in Pueblo, Colorado on March 19, 1905, at the age of 46.  His wife, Mary, died in Oregon on February 1, 1946.

Mary and Percy had one daughter, Mary Louise, who was born in 1888.  She married Stephen Hubbard in Alamosa when she was 17.  By 1920, she was widowed and living in Oregon.  The couple had one daughter, Nellie.  By 1930, she was married to Alfred Salked and her mother was living with them in Oregon.  Mary Louise died in Oregon on January 6, 1961.

Photo: The Hobkirk house with the King’s Daughter organization