Cabinets of Curiosities

The Mysteries and Superstitions of Time Long Ago


Mysteries and superstitions abound fill the history surrounding the San Luis Valley for time out of mind. This unique and eclectic part of our past is fun and intriguing to learn. Take a look through time as we weave superstitions around our basic artifacts throughout the museum as well as learn about different tales of ghosts, aliens, hidden treasures, and more.

The museum will transform into a wonderland full of mystery with newspaper clippings about prominent figures such as Shakespeare, local tales of ghostly sightings and a chance to maybe solve a local mystery known as the Dead Man’s Gulch Mystery Box!

Join us for the Opening of Cabinets of Curiosities and our Mystery Dinner!

Baker House Collection

May 1 - September 2

150 Years of Clothing Exhibit

July 1 - September 2

Can you solve the mystery?